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Tooth Additions

What is a Tooth Addition?

Tooth Additions are used on existing dentures which may require new teeth to be added to them. This is generally due to extraction of new teeth which requires the gap to be filled to serve an aesthetic and functional purpose.

Appointments needed for Tooth Addition
Tooth Additions require a minimum of two appointments.

How long will this process take?
Each appointment will take 30-45 minutes

How much will this cost?
Tooth addition from $180

*Prices are subject to change.
These prices are dependent on the complexity of each individual treatment and materials used.

Addition blue

Appointment 1

The first appointment will consist of primary impressions using alginate material along with collection of existing denture for the addition.

Appointment 2

Second appointment the denture will be handed back with the addition of new teeth. Some final adjustments may be required for some patients.