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Relines / Repairs

What is a reline?

Denture relines are used when a patients denture is not properly adapting to the patients mouth. With lack of proper adaption to the patients mouth the denture may fall out or continue to rub against the patients natural tissue. If excessive rubbing against the tissue persists the patient may experience ulcers and irritated tissue. Relines are generally required around 4 years after obtaining the denture.

Appointments needed for Relines / Repairs
In order to reline or repair a denture it is ideal to have the denture for 1 day before returning back to the patient depending.

How long will this process take?
Each appointment will take 30-45 minutes

How much will this cost?
Denture SOFT reline from $600
Denture reline from $400
Denture repair from $220

*Prices are subject to change.
These prices are dependent on the complexity of each individual treatment and materials used.

Repair blue

Appointment 1

The first appointment will consist of treatment planning and looking at the patients denture. If the patient is requiring a reline, a 'wash impression' is taken using the existing denture after modification to establish proper adaption and retention to the patients mouth. Repairs will require the patient to leave the denture with us.

Appointment 2

Second appointment will consist of returning the initial denture to the patient to take home after relines and repairs have been checked.